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Winter Lulz

Firstly, for those who don't know, today we in Toronto got our first winter storm of the season! This gives me hope for christmas... minus the fact that it'll rain in the daytime.


On the bus today, I heard a woman who had just stepped onto the bus and saw her friend and said, "Crazy weather!"

And I was thinking "... actually... this is called Canadian Winters..."

I mean, crazy weather for this time of the month would be like... 25 degrees with a flash hailstorm. THAT'S crazy. People who complain about snowstorms are either delusional or immigrants; the latter is the only type I'd sympathize with. Although.... all those people who got their flights delayed/cancelled today... yeah, I sympathize with them too.

So yes.. this is my little ah.. brain blurb of the day.

Christmas wishlist time!

Alright, so, in the spirit of gift exchange, I will post my wishlist below. It might be added to between now and Christmas, but probably not a lot of changes will happen.

I hope you all have a happy christmas! :)

★ ☃ Ho Ho Ho: aka my wishlist ♥

An interesting tactic...

First off, I read an article stating that a University in the US is making fitness classes mandatory for overweight students or else they may not get their diploma.

An interesting tactic.

For more information, read here.

I, for one, think this is a positive move, but I feel like this should be executed at a high school level, and not necessarily at a college level. I find it funny that one commenter on the above article stated being offended that the requirement was only being made of fat students --- well REALLY? I wonder WHY? There isn't a skinny epidemic.. there's an obesity epidemic in the US.

Anyway, point is, if parents are too lazy to teach their kids to eat and live healthily, then maybe it SHOULD be up to the education system to feel obligated to teach such lessons. After all, a school's for learning, right? I mean why should we only study knowledge and pass that to graduate? Maybe there should be a health component too, and not just from gym class. I mean maybe we should go back to the Ancient Greek values -- they highly valued the arts, and physical fitness.. I mean they DID invent the Olympics, right?

Fact is, diabetes and other health issues occur more frequently with those who are overweight because they are at a higher risk simply by being overweight.

I'm also tired of people saying that women/men should be proud of being "bigger" (NOTE: by bigger, I mean OBESE, not "a little overweight".. just to make that clear). I mean... what is there to be proud of? That you're at a higher risk for a wealth of diseases and body-part-failures? Higher risk of dying younger? That's like saying smokers should be proud of smoking. They shouldn't.

I think women should find ways to be happy for themselves, certainly, but being "proud" of being obese is ridiculous.

No one is a single shape-type... but no one's supposed to be severely overweight either. "Healthy" is different for everyone.. some men and women are skinnier when healthy, others are a bit stockier, but that doesn't mean they're not healthy (example: compare Edyta with Lacey, both are professional dancers, yet Lacey is a bit "bigger" in terms of her overall stature, curves, etc. Edyta is more akin to the fashion models we see in magazines. They're both insanely healthy, as they are pro-dancers, yet their shapes are different.

This is what I mean by everyone's "healthy" looks different.

ANYWAY --- thoughts on the University's decision.. should it be implemented in other schools too? Should it be started earlier? Should elementary schools introduce "healthy eating" lessons and fun ways to stay active starting from Kindergarten?

Last thing: I exclude people with health issues that directly affect their ability to manage their weight, but seeing as that applies to a small, tiny fraction of those who are obese... that argument is hardly justified in relation to the epidemic.

Obama Bowing to Japanese Emperor

Does anyone else find the level of criticism of Obama "bowing" to the emperor rather ridiculous???

"The President of America bows to no one."
"It shows weakness."

WTF?!?! So much for the constitution, right? Freedom and all that? So much for RESPECT of CULTURE which Obama displayed, when I'm sure America wants respect from everyone else.

Weakness? Wtf is wrong with these people??? It's CULTURALLY NORMAL TO BOW IN JAPAN, DICK CHENEY.

Also, based on a video I saw, he isn't the first American president to bow to another nation's leader. Apparently they neglected to remember that.

From watching Oprah...

The show centers around the Porn industry, and how many women are viewing porn, and one lady who is an erotica/lingerie boutique owner said something about how women used to feel embarrassed about watching/buying porn, but that they shouldn't, and so now that it's more widely accepted women are just taking advantage of it a lot more now and I was just... really sad.

Because frankly, I think people DO need to be embarrassed about it. I don't think it should be accepted, because it's so disgusting and degrading and stupid.

I'm sorry if this offends any porn watchers out there, but seriously.. if it's SO "normal", then why is it that almost NO normal mother and father out there would ever want their daughter or son to aspire to be a porn star? Hm? And if you do hope they become a porn star, then you have sad dreams for your child, I"m sorry.

And what makes me more sad is that a lot of these porn stars are married, and that their spouse apparently has no issue with their partner having animalistic sex with a random person...

So really, if you think pornography is "normal", consider whether you'd want that for your child, whether you're willing to "share" your partner's body with other people as a job (which I suppose is a branch of prostitution when you REALLY think about it).. and other factors like that.

Think about it.

By the way, Jenna, who is the world's top porn star, lives a "lavish" lifestyle and I don't think she gives much to charity or does anything philanthropic with her crapload of cash. Some contribution to society.

Rather bothered by something...

Today at work, I was sending captions for the TV drama GREEK, concerning the lives and dramas of US college sororities and fraternities. The weirdness of Sororities and Frats and the backstabbing that can possibly go on is a whooole other subject, but it was this one episode that I was listening to that bothered me... rather, it made me think about certain values that entertainment is promoting in general.

You see, it showed all these college kids just.. having sex with each other left and right, and then ONE of the main characters' roommate was a "right-wing southern christian" who didn't like that his roommate was asking to use their room alone some nights for sex.. and just like, I know they made the roommate have a rather extreme personality like.. in that, he was a germ-aphobe (what's the proper term for someone who has an unreasonable fear of germs??) but... it bothered me that his view of pre-marital sex was projected through quite a subtly negative lens.

Then I got to thinking, and one of the ONLY times I can think of a modern film or TV show where the couple waited until after marriage for sex is (rather ironically), "The 40 Year Old Virgin".

And like, yes, I do view pre-martial sex in a rather negative view myself because of my own personal beliefs but I also understand that a lot of the world is out there having sex at any age, at any time.. BUT, media seems to project one supposedly-preferable image and I feel like, if media is to reflect current society, it ought to be 50/50 because I know plenty of people, both religious and non-religious, who believe in waiting until after marriage...

It just really bothered me quite a bit.. :/

Feel free to share your thoughts.

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Just click "Scent Entries" and then use the search field to look up "Rachelle". My scent is Berry Fresh. It's a rather strange combination, but I think it could work.

Honeymoon suggestions...

So, apparently I'll be stuck in the states after marriage due to some... I dunno.. Visa restrictions or something, so um, if anyone can recommend good UNIQUE honeymoon destinations within the US.

So that rules out: Hawaii, Alaska, and boring places like Niagara Falls or something (yea that's right. it's boring. pretty, but boring.)

Suggestions are welcome because I can't think of anything that would appeal to me.

Wish list... because people keep asking.

Alrighty guys... sooo....


Visit that page, and enter "chicurbanity" in the "Enter Friend's UserName to View His/Her Wish List" field.


I have in the past received duplicate items.. haha, so gift receipts are always good.
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Just something....

I'm bored. But even if I had something to do, I'm in no mood to do anything. I can't even converse very well today. The whole day I've just been feeling really crappy.

I dunno why.. maybe it's hormones, maybe it's something else, who knows? But I don't know what to do and I don't feel like sleeping at all anytime soon, so I'm just writing here for now...

Guess that's it. No other thoughts. Maybe I'm just an incredibly boring person.

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